Were your eyes wet?

I don’t recall.
It was dark
and I was

trying to be
the red cotton
sheet, trying to

move my feet
away from yours
just an inch

where there was
warmth but not
skin. I don’t

recall hearing you
sniff and sniff,
but there was

shaking and I
don’t recall caring
whether you were

cold from the
outside or cold
from far within,

my subzero disappointment
seeping into your
chest between breaths.

I don’t recall
falling asleep but
I did, and

I am still
trying to wake
up from you

or to you
or to fall
deeper into the

cold inside your
tears until you
wake up too.


One Response to “Were your eyes wet?”

  1. Ouch says:

    Oh, how profoundly sad and hopeful. Especailly worship the line of subzero disappointment.

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