Elegy Written after a
Doyra Concert in a Church

Lowing o’er the lea,
the cow did not know

her skin would dance
us in its sound.

Would my skin
could be a drum

to make your
circles move.

Such better use
than windy ash

or box of
halted flesh.

Lover, when I pass
stretch me round

a slice of hollow
tree, string my space

with silver rings,
fly your fingers’

memory, percuss,
percuss, percuss me


4 Responses to “Elegy Written after a
Doyra Concert in a Church”

  1. wit says:

    A finer drum could n’er be.

  2. Cfw says:

    Love the words: Lea and percuss, particularly your final rhythmic use here.

    • wordweed says:

      Thanks, Fey. I made the line end with “lea,” then realized it wasn’t original. It first appeared in a famous elegy from the 1700s. My line originally read “Chewing in the field,” and then I thought, “lowing” would be better, since lowing is the cow’s song…and then I right clicked over “field,” looking for other word/sound possibilities, and “lea” showed up. “Lowing in the lea.” I liked the alliteration. Saying it over and over to myself, it occurred to me I had heard those words together before, and upon researching it, I found Thomas Gray’s famous elegy. What a coincidence he also was writing about death! So, I had to change my title from “Doyra Dream” to “Doyra Elegy” to what it is now: an allusion to Gray’s title. I love these kinds of synchronicities. Another: elegies were traditionally written in couplets, a stanza choice I had already made without knowing this fact. There are other layers of overlap with traditional elegies too, which I’ll refrain from elaborating. Anyway, this one was fun to write. Glad you like it.

  3. Cfw says:

    Wow, you research and stuff when u write. I just tell lies. Now I worry, what if I have plagiarized someone’s previous lies? Or lives?

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