For Sons on Solstice

Because my boys still enjoy me and their smiles
are nearly mine, and summer solstice shines
through trees where thin mosquitoes whine
in shade, I took them to a park eight miles
from home today. With frisbee, rackets, birdie, balls
and wandering black dog, I watched them play and vie
for turns with me, throwing, swinging, thwacking sky
toys. Other children in the park, too small
to make a frisbee glide or birdie fly with ease
wandered in, and my two welcomed awkward play
with saintly patience, relieved to have a break
from brotherly, pleading motherly, disharmonies.
I marvel these two rivals fled my body, display
my wry dichotomies, love and sigh me awake.


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  1. C says:

    You on on fire this week! Must be the. heat.
    Fav spot. Wry dichotomies

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