Gossip: Another Way to Sky










If you live free, know this:
your life is the jailor’s grist
served in hot whispers
to prisoners she keeps and is.

When she offers you
a plate, don’t eat.
Despite her smile,
it is full of spit.

Fly on the outside,
on the cloud’s upside.
Grin. Write it:
I’ve nothing to hide.


2 Responses to “Gossip: Another Way to Sky”

  1. C says:

    Excellent incorporation of all your creativity to date. Funny ain’t it? Why don’t peeps talk about us over the back fence, discussing our intense creative abilities? Ahhh, I’m a dreamer.

  2. Rosemerry says:

    fly on the outside, on the cloud’s upside … and you do, and you do, and you do.
    brava, amiga mia. and be sure that I am talking about your intense creative abilities behind your back … how i love saying wonderful things about you at every given chance. burn ears, burn …

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