Women 101

When your wilted beloved
hands you, if you are lucky
her tattered Manual of Me
a subtle, small print read

or worse, you’ve put this off
and wilted has turned
to loss, shaking in your face

her Idiot’s Guide to Keeping Me
full of tough love slang
and hand drawn cartoons,

it’s easy. Don’t put it off. Read.
Clean and rearrange your tools.
Fine-tune. Not her. You.
Notice she is reading yours too.


2 Responses to “Women 101”

  1. flymonk says:

    and your beloved
    reading maybe
    wilted and some
    what seems lost

    but still the love
    it’s in the fine print
    for you

  2. Just me says:

    Love is An ongoing battle and victory at the same time.

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