Call It What You Will

We’ve prayed with folded arms and mirrored palms
Prostrated, foreheads stinging on the dirt
Meditated silence into sky

We’ve whirled in white toward the inner still
Arranged stones, feathers, candles, shells, and called
Cast love spells and stirred hopeful steaming pots

We’ve drummed the huge heart down dark tunnels
Sweat our prayers dripping into earth
Sung, arms wide, hands loud and mouths great Os

We’ve danced in flaring circles, swayed alone above the hole
Strummed every animal and earthborn string to song
Interlaced our lips and tongues and breasts and bones

We’ve walked the humming walk up every mountain
Rummaged numbered pages with blind fingers
Scribbled obscure words curled outside lines

We’ve painted, planted more than we can see or seed
Gathered lost scraps and sewn them into one
Wielded every kind and lethal tool

All to feel the all move through.


2 Responses to “Call It What You Will”

  1. fey says:

    how i like this constant striving, using everything at our hands and hearts searching to make of the Me, The We.

  2. Glenn says:


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