Doggerel for Lost and Found Wisdom Teeth

Until I slurped soft food for most of one week,
rice baby cereal, yogurt, Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup,
I didn’t know the deep, joyful animal of my teeth,
or how long it takes to thoroughly chew a bite of food,
or how mysterious the cavernous corners of my jaws,
or how far my tongue can reach, dislodging
vanished crumbs from fleshy wound and crease. Who knew
these tiny, precious bones nestled in such tender pink
could beg and plead ferociously: feed me something
wild or tough, let me earn my keep. Now I know
my wisdom teeth have always been my secret leader.


One Response to “Doggerel for Lost and Found Wisdom Teeth”

  1. Laa says:

    An amazing poem. It was an adventure! don’t you feel like Frodo and Sam after experiencing Mount Doom?

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