The New Snow White

Even the white
horse whose mane
you clench
hunched galloping
in fear
of ugliness, of crackling
must be abandoned
at the black bog.

You save yourself running,
by accepting love.
Its scent is not
what you expect.
Its hands are dirty
or too clean.
It may not know
how deeply
you need watered.

You leave
your mouth
An experiment. A kiss.
You watch
whether fronds
unfold again
over crispened feet.
Of course they do.

You are saved
yet save yourself
like the new
Snow White
into the world by new men
who have everything
to gain in your wakefulness,
green heroine.


One Response to “The New Snow White”

  1. Fey says:

    Awesome internal rhyme last line. Being snow white is dirty work these days.

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