In The Nervous Breakdown

The Nervous Breakdown recently featured my poem, “Waking into Sleep, Take Your Waking Slow,” as well as a self-interview.

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  1. eduardo says:

    This sentence from the poem stands out for me, because of its imagery and its layers (and how it’s differently specific for each of us [“universal,” again]:

    And the flesh’s uncertain/and certain longings begin/knotting the endless net//of thoughts by which you/organize your day into/that which you//want and don’t want/to fall through you.

    And you feared your self-interview would expose moments of corniness. Ye of little faith. Nary even a cast-off kernel of corn anywhere in sight. Rather, I delighted in your playfulness, and in your (I’m hoping) honesty. Your discussion about the bardo reminded me of Sister Rosemerry’s essay in _An Elevated View_, “From Pretty Pink Bows to Chicken Manure: Embracing Poetry as Practice, where she writes about learning a game called, “Yes, And?”

    Also, did you ever ask yourself the question you didn’t want asked?

    • wordweed says:

      I’m hoping I was honest, too, Eduardo! ha ha. I always try to be because I suck at lying. Though, I think it can be easy to delude ourselves from time to time. But how do we know if we are doing that??

      Fun to see the connection with dear Rosemerry. Thanks for pointing that out.

      The question I didn’t want asked was the one about organized religion toward the end. Somehow I went there anyway!

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