Where Does It Come From, Stay and Go?

Go find your mind,
the men tell the boys.

The boys search for days, weeks, months—
return with a fist-sized stone, the tale
of a bird, point to the heart.

With kind eyes, the men say,
Go look again. The boys do.

One has to earn the losing
of one’s own mind.

It is not like here where we read it first
in books and lie with certainty:
The mind is nowhere.

Here, it takes years
to lose these words.


2 Responses to “Where Does It Come From, Stay and Go?”

  1. eduardo says:

    have i mentioned the signature lush heftiness i see in your poems? there’s an essence, a quality to them, it’s more than voice although voice is present and part, that my head and especially my heart recognize, but i’m unable to pin down and/or contain with any descriptors. surely no small part of this “Rachel Kellum hefty lushness” is due to your Bön practice being not just “practice,” but your living.

    this is a poem to memorize, to return persistently to. a kim rosen saved-by-a-poem poem. i find it interesting that it’s men and boys, plural rather than singular. are you being literal in reference to these men-boys, or metaphoric? and why can’t it be both? and even more? i love what is brought from the first searching: fist-sized stone, tale(!) of a birth, their own hearts. i also love the closing couplet: Here, it takes years/to lose these words.
    here, it takes years to learn those benedictive words.

    • wordweed says:

      oh, eduardo, that this is a saved-by-a-poem poem for you makes me a little speechless. I will just say thanks…thanks to you—for your kindness and questions, thanks to my dear teachers, thanks to the muse.

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