Aubade of Hildegard

First, the cat requires only surfaces—
My dangling, flaccid hand, asleep.

Her face slicks the shell of my palm.
Ears and temples find my pure edges.

I take her offered silk in languor
Then the quick, needle teeth:

I have shown you what I want,
How we fit, the morning purrs

Like a god,
Touch me.


One Response to “Aubade of Hildegard”

  1. eduardo says:

    “Her face slicks the shell of my palm.” One would think “slicks” and “shell” wouldn’t be the right words, but you make them right and proper. (Behold, the sorcery of the Poetess of the Eastern Plains.)

    And, ahh.., the juxtaposition of “silk in languor” and “quick, needle teeth.” Which is yin; and which is yang?

    May your days persist in purring beyond the mere mornings.

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