Magnetic Poem Three

magnetic poem3

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  1. eduardo says:

    some of these didn’t photograph well. i do like many of the juxtapositions, though: giggle passion; fondle wonder(!); surrender dark; remember dinner; farm desire; weed peace…

    bite art? what’s that about? the better to ingest it, perchance? ;~)

    • wordweed says:

      Yeah, I know, the image is a little raggy. I made it that way on purpose. It looks really cool when it’s blown up larger; the size it must be to fit the blog sort of distorts the image.

  2. Bill Reed says:

    How did you get the refrigerator into the scanner? 😉

    • wordweed says:

      Ah, Bill! So great to catch up today over coffee! Your humor, as always, is very welcome in my life and especially here on the blog! Thanks for the giggle.

      • Bill Reed says:

        I found your book at the Kindle Store and plan on purchasing it. (You are #1,235,010 Paid in Kindle Store, you must be so proud!)

        • wordweed says:

          Wow. Number 1, 235, 010. I like a nice round number like that. Indeed, I am proud!

        • wordweed says:

          Oh, wait, Bill. I have a hard copy of the book here if you’d like one. My publisher tells me to sell signed copies for fifteen dollars. I guess it can by bought for twelve at Amazon, but my autograph is worth three dollars! What a bargain!!

          • Bill Reed says:

            Rachel, I just bought it on the Kindle … I like the immediacy of downloading … but I am not adverse to having a three dollar copy of your autograph attached to a hard copy … 😉 … so bring it on.

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