Geshe-la Speaks of Measurement

…Cubits warp / For fear to be a king.
~ Emily Dickinson, “We never know how high we are”

We don’t need feet
Or meters in Tibet.

My mother gave me space
Between elbow and fingertip.


2 Responses to “Geshe-la Speaks of Measurement”

  1. eduardo says:

    Surely Geshe-la isn’t implying we’re to measure everything against ourselves…
    Perhaps the implication is we do so already.

    • wordweed says:

      In this conversation with Geshla, I think he was just making light of Western civilization’s complicated way of measuring the world, and expressing his fondness for the simplicity of his culture. But when I ran into the word “cubit” in a Dickinson poem yesterday (you must check it out if you don’t know it; it is called “We never know how high we are”), Geshe’s statement took on a new meaning, so I wanted to pair Emily’s words with his to complicate his message…

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