Burnt Out

You dropped the bell.
I starved.
What flame survives
a jar?

Come scratching glass?
How bold!
Your matchless hands
have sold

My fire to space,

Pandora’s gift
There’s only fire
to blame.


2 Responses to “Burnt Out”

  1. eduardo says:

    Love the playfulness of your rhymes, here. I know there’s an actual, technical name for such near-rhymes, but that part of my English degree is not coming back to mind at the moment.

    Have I mentioned how seeped in mythologies your poems are? I think it’s an enriching aspect of them: poetry being already a condensing of language and your citing mythology strengthens what you’re already accomplishing, condensing- and distilling-wise.

  2. wordweed says:

    Hey, thanks, E. I just call it slant rhyme. Near rhyme is a good name for it too. ; )

    I have to admit that much of the mythological richness of my recent poetry is largely thanks to one of my writing partners whose deeply allusionistic (um, pretty sure that is not a word, but oh well) work is often a seed for mine. Having a brilliant writing partner certainly pushes me to dig deeper into the big conversation humanity has been having with itself in myth and helps me realize my own concerns are ancient.

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