Curriculum Vitae

I don’t want to tell you
about my happiness,
but listen: I’ve just drunk
rain drops that fell
into my cold Earl Grey,
and the fire-cooled
propane refrigerator
and the wind-cooled
direct current inverter
have just now healed
into self-regulation
after many stop
and start days,
despite the fact
that we gave up on both
last night to kiss
slowly and sleep
when our laptop movie,
Off the Map,
whirred to fade.
Pixels and alternating
currents are easy
to trade for living lips.
Likewise, it is easy
to let wind blow,
to care less
about pages,
my curriculum vitae.
Leonard Cohen said poetry
is just the ash,
evidence of a life
burning well.
Today my ash
is in the wind.
The final wash
of rain has very little
to say.


3 Responses to “Curriculum Vitae”

  1. Fey says:

    It’s so hard to write about perfection. Peace. We are angst trained.
    Title awesomenessly done

  2. eduardo says:

    “Today my ash/is in the wind.”
    ahh… is this how you’re sending your poems into the world, now? i like it—same as prayer flags.

  3. Glenn says:

    If ash is the residue of our souls – then then my fireplace needs cleaned.

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