One does not lay burning things aside.
Like words,
One fire eats another fire, grows,
Wears a robe that cannot clothe but smoke.

Blow the sage and juniper.
Invent purity.
Throw the rice and butter,
All the lumps of sugar in at once.

Pretend we eat.

We’ll still be hungry,
Playing sated
When the coals are cold.
One wind resorbs the forest whole.

You harvest words from flaming bushes,
Feed us to the mirror world.
There you are, again, again,
In photos with black skeletons.

We eat you.


2 Responses to “Resorption”

  1. Glenn says:

    Reading multiple times and I think I am processing the resorption of the words over and over…..

  2. eduardo says:

    I second what Glenn says, although I add that it’s matter of factly typical of your poems’ resonance that they saturated and imbue their readers, lingering long long after first (and subsequent) readings.

    All that said, this particular poem is much moreso than typical. I’m seeing (again) an especially dense richness to this poem. There’s a requisite period of being still and quiet with the poem, allowing its sorcery to coalesce.

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