American Gothic Koan

How many cicada midnights
In the history of hotwired pastures
And love and basketball

Have a black man and a white woman
Shot bent hoops with a spilt egg moon
Off a Farmall tractor?


3 Responses to “American Gothic Koan”

  1. Fey says:

    Few, thinks I. Mayhaps, you will set trends…..

  2. eduardo says:

    I can see the Edward Hopper painting. The James Agee photograph.
    I can hear the roundball bouncing on the asphalt. Smell the agrarian dusty summer heat.

    • wordweed says:

      You should hear the way the rusty old hoop bangs out across the prairie like a wanging shock. It’s awesome.

      Sorry I’ve been horrible about responding to your comments lately! The semester always has me running, and the new living situation is a wonderful distraction from my online life. Still, your comments always mean so much. Thanks, as always, and forgive me.

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