Culling Achillea Millefolium

Yarrow was long yellowed by late August.
I had over-waited in the name of over-busyness.
Pruning avoided in July and waves of heat
Produced crisp umbels tossing tiny flecks of seed.
Culling, I clipped skeletons close to ground,
Careful to avoid the living fronds that,
Given more water, might yet green through fall.
Piling dead growth like bouquets on the path,
I knew May would now require more of me:
Plucking ferny volunteers amid flagstones.
The red path, despite hidden plastic fabric
And paving sand in cracks, and beds
Of cedar mulch, would soon be riddled through
With yarrow roots, and more. That is the way
With years, fallen foliage and seed, everything
Becoming dirt and green despite us.


2 Responses to “Culling Achillea Millefolium”

  1. Travis says:

    Well, this is a surprise. It’s been 20+ years since our Millikin days, discussing Joseph Campbell and Rush. Reading you reminds me of William Stafford. I’m so delighted to know you are well and writing! I wish you much happiness.

    Travis Stolz
    Washington, DC (by way of Los Angeles and Milwaukee…long story)

  2. Travis Stolz says:

    I tried posting but not sure if it took… At any rate, your art is a most wonderful surprise! I remember our Millikin days and talks about Joseph Campbell, Richard Bach, and loads more. It’s been terrific reading your poetry–I’m reminded of William Stafford, among others. I hope you’re happy and well, and I wish you all the best.

    Travis Stolz
    Washington, DC (via Los Angeles and Milwaukee)

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