On Screen

While a six- and thirteen-year-old discuss the ethics
of killing each other on screen, make promises,
apologies, and qualify accidental violences
that do occur in the making and mining
of worlds, I sit with my own little dyings,
have the same conversation in my body—
proud publisher of love and self-loathing,
only remotely committed to saving the girl—
dodge my own darts and flames, leap oil
barrels and blind panic snakes, share the battle
with a blank screen where it becomes more real,
becomes words that never heal me completely
but itch and stretch like my three favorite scars,
softened, shrunken, and often forgotten.


One Response to “On Screen”

  1. Fey says:

    I can’t find a single phrase that bowls me over. Rather the last three words of each line slice me and mirror what words I’ve always searched for . Wait. I decided. My three favorite scars. That’s the key. Mine not so soft. Not so forgotten

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