Town Cat Turns

For two years
after the bewildering move
she refused to step outside,
claimed the upper floor,
shed upon beds
before farm house windows.
Not without a fight
I finally tossed her out
summer’s back door.
An intervention.
She ran low
to barns and shadows,
beneath parked cars.
Tom cats took her in,
taught her night-joy,
the stealthy prowl,
naps in caves of weeds,
field mice in the chicken house.
Gone wild four weeks
without a bowl, still fat,
she asked to be let in,
more herself than
all the years before,
her new face praising
our feet and shins
and doors.

second place winner of the Mildred Vorpahl Baass Award in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies Contest, in the 2016 NFSPS anthology, Encore

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  1. Fey says:

    This title is amazing. Is this realllly about a cat???? I wonder.

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