That Burro on CR Y

Early riser, that burro on County Road Y.
There is no herd to keep her company,
No fellow burro with whom to rub muzzles,
Take turns chewing burs from the other’s fur,
Brown teeth a loving vise, releasing seed
For the prairie. Fie the bur in her side; she’s made
Friends with a fence post, a couple rusty barbs,
Too alone to hex the couple in the bedroom
Down the road, laughing at her morning bray,
Wiping sex away with a red towel.

Boggle words: riser, burro, is, herd,
her, rub, burs fur, vise, fie, bur, side,
hex, sex, red

2 Responses to “That Burro on CR Y”

  1. eduardo says:

    ¡Ay caramba! Did you write this in just three minutes? Oy!

    Anyhoo, no matter how long it took to write, I very muchly like it. And, too, you used, “Fie.”

    Methinks your closing line is another version of the William Carlos Williams red wheelbarrow poem.

  2. wordweed says:

    Eduardo! So good to hear from you!

    “Fie” is indeed a fun word! (Thank you, Boggle, for bringing it to the forefront of my mind!)

    I believe I took about ten minutes to generate the poem from the 3 minute list. I did hack out a couple wordy phrases in revision, but it is mostly the same.

    Thanks for the WCW comparison; that’s generous! So much relies on a red towel.

    Sending mucho love and gratitude your way.

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