Questions for a Pumpkin

Do your seeds sing a slick song?

Are you aware you are
both food and lantern?

And home?

Do you dream of hundreds of tongues
searching the cheeks of a huge mouth?

Or of wingless albino bats trembling
in a wet cave, upside down?

If a woman entered you at will, a kept woman,
would he carve windows of ears, nose and eyes,
a doorway of a crooked-toothed smile?

Would she become a candle in your belly,
throw herself in a flickering dance
to light his way home?

Can you accommodate two?

Or love?

Would it hurt, would you mind,
if she bakes and scrapes
the innards of your entrances,
blends in eggs, sugar, milk, cinnamon,
rolls a crust, pours you in,
eats you, her home, with him?


One Response to “Questions for a Pumpkin”

  1. eduardo says:

    Is this a self-inflicted eating out of house and home?

    I love your imagery of the woman becoming, “a candle in your belly/throw[ing]herself in a flickering dance/to light his way home”. And, of course, I delight at your use of, innards. (And its near-assonance with, entrances.)

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