Event Horizon

“You are approaching the crone,”
small babes in the room announce,
bouncing on young mothers’ knees.

Or rather, my uterus makes
a cosmic joke, opens like a black hole,
an event horizon of information
setting up my babes to have babies.

I’ve thrown out my seeds to be swallowed,
Lent rough arms, blue eyes,
Wide face, strong back, tough feet.

My fractals zoom in yet ever recede!
My holographic birds perch in distant trees!
“Fly home, fly home,” this old body drones,
But my feathers have long been released.

With thanks to “Sidebar: The Holographic Principle,” by JR Minkel, in Scientific American: “Quantum mechanics starts with the assumption that information is stored in every volume of space. But any patch of space can become a black hole, nature’s densest file cabinet, which stores information in bits of area. Perhaps, then, all that’s needed to describe a patch of space, black hole or no, is that area’s worth of information. The idea is called the holographic principle, after the way that a hologram encodes 3D information on a 2D surface…. ‘The world doesn’t appear to us like a hologram, but in terms of the information needed to describe it, it is one,’ Bousso says. ‘The amazing thing is that the holographic principle works for all areas in all space times.’”

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