Mosquito Yoga

Challenger       Peak blinding     white is dreaming

of mosquitos       famous        black swarms

chasing me       whining     down dirt streets

slapping air     the local yogi once said       offer

your body     to their stings     nude       willingly

let them           feed           they will agree

to leave you         alone all summer     I have no

faith           in blood suckers’       good nature

forgive me     last year       our first here

no     snow     no     mosquitos     just smoke

I won’t lie     I was glad     to garden   mosquito

free       no silent         back of the knee       stings

or tiny         needle songs     I was glad     but now

the snow     more snow          People can’t last

outside          even for minutes!        What the hell

is going on        with Global Warming?        an idiot

tweets       Please come back fast,     we need you!

as though         warm earth         only means

heat     Challenger      named for       that famous

wreck     lost teacher     brilliant frost     in my living

room window           storm after         storm

will begin the slow      trickle       Crestone creeks

will weave     into     mosquito songs     build

mosquito condos     I will stay         indoors

or slather     scented oils     desperate poisons

on my skin     to weed       my garden

grateful the valley         woke up from       my

selfish     mosquitoless dream         and

towhees     will drink drink drink       their tea


2 Responses to “Mosquito Yoga”

  1. Tom Maroshegyi says:

    Remembering a past lifetimes ago 4th of July playing music together for the good people of Crestone and being eaten alive … 😀

    Anyways try this Yoga next time:!

    Hope all is well otherwise, and nice to read you (I haven’t for lifetimes… until just now) and see this site still alive …

    E MA HO!

  2. wordweed says:

    Nice to hear from you. Yes, I remember those 4th of July musical mosquitos all too well. They are particularly bad this year, but I’m surviving…not quite as successfully as the samurai in this animation, but at least I’m not swelling up with infected bites anymore! Making progress.

    Life is good here. Sweet. Hope all is well with you too. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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