National Poetry Month?

Ten days in, ten feet from a friend, walking wide sandy roads out near the cemetery where ATVs and gunluvas tend to gather to shatter silence somewhere near dusk, I realized I forgot. How could I forget a ten year commitment to April’s Poem-a-Day practice? If you are here for some pandemically inspired, bored reason, join me in the challenge. It’s not too late.

National/Global Poetry Writing Month (Na/GloPoWriMo) offers great prompts each day. I haven’t checked them out, but I will if I get stuck. I’m not stuck yet, but it is only my Day One. I’ve gotta make up for lost time.

Here’s a link:

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  1. Everett says:

    Go Rachel!

    I was doing a poem a day, February into March. Petered out with a mushroom soup recipe poem on March 20. Got distracted by trying to breathe some fresh life into a memoir that’s sucked the life out of me. Then a lot of passionate correspondence with an Irish drama professor, a student of mine from Dharma Ocean, who wants to explore the ways that somatic meditation can inform a writing practice.

    Really cool, heady writing about body centered meditation, Zen, and flashing onto images to write poetry. But not much actual poetry.

    Hmm. Maybe a little less about process, and more diving into the process.

    Wrote my first April poem just now. If I spend the next week writing two a day, I’ll catch it up for the month.

    Thanks for the reminder, a gentle nudge.


    • wordweed says:

      Please send me your poems, or tell me if there is a place you post them! It’s funny you used the words “memoir that’s sucked the life out of me,” as I’ve kept going back and forth between using the word “memories” or “memoirs,” but needed only two syllables and settled on mem’ries. Now, though, seeing memoir in your post, I want to go back to memoir! Thanks for that!

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