My Mother’s Geraniums

It is safe to write about red geraniums,
their sharp, earthy aroma, and imagine them,
once summer and hummingbirds have passed,
dragged in off the porch, blooming indoors
all winter like my mother’s prayers, so red,
such bright fistfuls of love for her wounded ones,
it is hard not to think of blood, her blood pumping
through all of us, if it could, if she could will it.

in honor of my mother, a week late

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  1. I am so touched by this beautiful poem written by my beautiful daughter, Rachel Kellum meant for me! I love flowers and I look forward to spring every year when I take time every year to plant my geraniums and many other flowers so I can enjoy and all my neighbors, friends and people that pass by can enjoy them! My sweet mother also loved flowers and her beautiful geraniums. I know that one day I won’t be up to planting anymore, but until then my annual geraniums and planting will continue with pride!!

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