let late november

barely warm coals die

in thick ash, let them


sun warms my death pose

on the couch, grinning


lush green geranium

settles into light, low


lifts one bloom

to a large smeared window



2 Responses to “let late november”

  1. Eduardo Rey Brummel says:

    Of course, this brings Kenyon’s, Let Evening Come, to mind.


    “sun warms my death pose/on the couch, grinning” Another Bönpo-em?

  2. wordweed says:

    Thanks for passing on the Kenyon. I read several more of her poems at poets.org, and am grateful for her clear eye this morning, and for you.

    And, yes, you are right, this belongs in the Bönpo-em family! I’ll add the tag…

    much love to you, E

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