family organism

I want to say, please see

your arms and smile my back

my hours your broken strut

your roof my road to sleep

my heart your sacred head

your bardo prayers my seat

my silent miles your breath


2 Responses to “family organism”

  1. Eduardo Rey Brummel says:

    your bardo prayers my seat

    This line will ring and resonate in me forever perhaps.

    • wordweed says:

      Sweet E,
      I’ve been listening to The Tibetan Book of the Dead a lot this fall, as read by Richard Gere (, and I find it a comforting and informative reminder, and especially a way to help me pay respect in practice to family members recently lost.

      As always, knowing you’ve been here feels like a hug. I miss you, friend, and hope you are weathering the seasons of the pandemic with health and a measure of grace and generous dollops of happiness that only the poetic eye can spoon.

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