List of Dreams for Yeshe Walmo

Dead mouthed,
I stain red pillows
with drool.
Tape my lips.
My list of dreams
bore dreams.
They found me, bent
me, broke my face,
turned sons
to grandmothers,
trees to saviors,
to fathers, fire
to prayers.
Better not to list
one’s dreams.
This moment
the required dream.
Shake me, take
my head, bead it
on a twisted cord.
Wear it, blue one,
wake me.


2 Responses to “List of Dreams for Yeshe Walmo”

  1. Eduardo Rey Brummel says:

    A deep and a dark poem.

    Yes, and, ah, what to do when, “My list of dreams/bore dreams.”? What else but ask,”Shake me. Take me. Wake me.”?

    • wordweed says:

      Wake me, indeed… If you haven’t seen images of Yeshe Walmo of the Bon tradition, look her up… she’s a wrathful mother deity who is currently on my mind a lot…

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