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Guest poet: Geshe Yungdrung Gyaltsen

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Flowers prostrate sky.
Clouds pride in it all hiding.
Cried then leaves were fresh.


Guest Poet: fey

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Our father

who in the name of heaven should call to us but Sister
living somewhere between hiway 85
and kingdom come.she called, trembling. and we
willmeet her where
earth as is heavenThree of us united for a day o’er
breadveggies, and rice
our first slumber party in
50 a year. laughing.crying about
food cravings, vacations, illness,
family history, swept secrets, sad eyed
talking all at once
listening for once
tapping at gnarled paternal trunks
dreading the dim seeping wound
peeling back bark as night falls
hearing muffled snap of dark sap
lead us into temptation of hatred and anger, incrimination
we coo, a Trinity, we soothe:
delivered from Evilhe is no Danger to us now.
for we are
The Powerof wind quelled quaking aspens and
The Gloryof tall wild grasses.
We keen in a
Hallowedsorrow circle
the plea of
our fathera distorted lament