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  1. Marilyn MaC says:

    Hey Rachel, It was special meeting you at Aspen Poets tonight. I enjoyed hearing your poetry, and now, in the aftermath, I’ve enjoyed your website/Blog. I like the links.
    More another time.
    Blessings to you, Marilyn MaC

    • wordweed says:

      It was a joy to meet you, too! I’ve hung Mount Ashcroft next to the piano, and though I still haven’t seen it in person, it is more than a mountain to me now…it is friends and poetry and your big heart.

      Thanks for visiting the blog! love, Rachel

  2. Katalin says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Great hearing you seeing you tonight.

    Please come and stay with me soon.


    • wordweed says:

      Yes, Katalin, so lovely to meet you again after our chance first crossing in the woods. Thanks for the invitation! I would love to listen to the Magyar cadence of your and my love Tamas’s conversation.

  3. What a lovely site.

    So pleased to see that the river poem made it up.

    There is so much here to enjoy “Where Words Wait” is one of my favorites – and now I know for sure we are meant to be friends because you have a poem about Ravens – they are “black and black.”

    It impresses me that you have been at it since ’97. Keep up the good work!

    Best, Airica

    • wordweed says:

      Thanks, Airica. I thought of the sun on all of us as I worked my scribbles into the keys. I was moved by the way the river spoke similar words through us. When you type yours up, I would love to see it.

      Oh, Ravens, my dears. Perhaps you will enjoy “another way of looking at a blackbird” as well.

      love to you.

  4. Patrick Curry says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Great seeing you and hearing you again. Lovely workshop on Saturday. One of the many highlights of the weekend!

    Take care, hope our paths cross again, soon,


  5. John Macker says:

    enjoyed yr reading in Denver at Ziggie’s. Left w/out grabbing a copy of yr new book. Wld you like to trade signed copies? I’ll send you a copy of underground sky.

    hope to see you around the open West sometime.
    John Macker
    p.s. in the intro to yr reading you said you don’t write “party poetry”- interesting phrase . . what is that?

    • wordweed says:

      Thanks, John. I enjoyed your reading too.

      Would be great to exchange signed copies. Love the title underground sky. Send me your address. I’ll send you mine. lots of sky in my book too.

      When I said the new book’s poems aren’t really party poetry, I guess what I meant is they aren’t very entertaining, more contemplative. I was unsure about reading them given the high energy of the Friday night performances, so I was glad when Saturday evening had a mellower vibe. They felt more at home in that.

      take care,

  6. John Macker says:


    I’m at 1165 Santa Ana Frontage, Las Vegas, NM 87701

    Look forward to it.


  7. Paul Manning says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Oooh Arnie Arnie posted a link to your youtube poetry recital. I was most impressed. I will check out more of your stuff. Any other links please let me know

  8. eduardo says:

    Please pardon this outta-nowhere surge of blog-replies. I’ve been posting daily poems on the April Poems group (with RWT, Jude Janett, and others); and sadly, i’ve let my wordweeds replying slip a bit much.

    • wordweed says:

      I must admit I’ve missed your replies! So happy to hear you are poeming with the goddesses! I’ve not met Jude yet, but RWT says such wonderful things about her and her work. Are you not posting work on your own blog? This poem a day thing is just wringing me out. I don’t get enough sleep these days! I hope you are faring better than I!

      • eduardo says:

        Well, as the previous surge (and my skipping the very next day’s posting) shows, things do get missed, left undone, while yours truly is poeming every day. I have inspirations for my blogsite, which I’d feel odd posting poems to/on, but they also are getting shoved aside.
        Nearly everyday, I present myself to post another April Poem, and have no idea where/how to start. Yet each day, the muses are gracious unto me, and they doth provide.
        Rosemerry’s hanging out with Naomi Shahib Nye, yesterday and today. I’m so jealous of her, and also so happy for her.
        Huge hopes the sleep faeries find their way to you.

  9. Ron DiMichele says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Do you do private editing? I´m helping a friend of mine who is looking to self-publish a book of his poems. It would be his first book. I´m somewhat managing the project to keep it organized and moving forward. He would like an objective editor to look at his poems and provide feedback/suggestions.


    Ron DiMichele

    • wordweed says:

      Hi, Ron,
      I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I’m currently not doing private editing for others. Summer is on the way, and since I’ll get a break from teaching soon, I’ll be using that time to work on my own writing and household projects. I wish you and your friend the best!

  10. Brittany says:

    Hi Rachel! I’m not writing this in relation to your poetry here, I was actually trying to get in touch with you. I’m not sure if you will remember but we met once upon a time at a greenhouse in a little Colorado town on the plains… you drummed at my wedding… were my doula at my sons birth… Anyways you moved and we lost contact; I’ve thought of you often over the years and I decided to see if I could get in contact with you again. I’d love to catch up…

  11. Denna Weber says:

    Well Rachel, I hope it works this time. I’m holding on to “Wedding Dress” written when you led a group in Fort Morgan. (It might be an archaeological dig, however.) Is there a way I can post on wordweeds? I’ve savored “Ah” again and again- a mark of excellence that wiggles the mind and heart. Please let me know where & how my poems can scream and writhe, or bask in marshmallow clouds Best regards! Denna

    • wordweed says:

      Denna, Sorry your posts don’t post immediately…I have to approve them first, and for some reason, WordPress did not notify me of your posts by email, as usual, and I just happened to see them as I worked on another poem this morning. Thanks for reading my works both in Ah and here on the blog.

      Feel free to insert your poems into your comments! I’d love to read them. If WordPress doesn’t notify me right away that you’ve commented, I’m sorry for that, but I will eventually see them. Once I approve them, they post!

      I’m not sure which poem “Wedding Dress” is… could it be this one? It looks like I wrote it just before I left Morgan County:

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